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A negro hung alive by the ribs to a gallows
A photographic print of a live negro hanging from a gallows by a rope tied around his ribs. Human skeletal remains are on the ground below him.

A distressing parting between parent and child

Coloured print showing a mother being separated from her child after a slave auction.

Bartering on the Niger

Enslaved men and women waiting to be auctioned. Soldiers are keeping guard.

Tit bits in the West Indies

d_0007855_tit_ bits_west_indies.jpg
Three cartoons illustrating the lustful desires planters had toward black women, during slavery, in the West Indies.

Sale of slaves by auction

An eighteenth century print depicting an enslaved child [on platform] and woman being auctioned.

Separation of families

Print depicting an enslaved family being separated by two slave owners who are using whips to inflict blows.

Slave auction trade

A slave auction taking place near along the harbour. Seen in the background is a ship, possibly belonging to one of the men selling or making purchases.

Slave in chain

Oil painting of an enslaved young man, looking despondent,
as he leans against an object while shackled in chains around his neck and wrist.