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A young smoker rams his spliff with a pen

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"Tobacco spliffs were in vogue for almost the entire duration of the strike at the Jamaica Cigarette Company. Here a young smoker rams his spliff with a pen - so as to get the right consistency. These tobacco spliffs were to be seen all around the…

Alan Campbell

Portrait of a Rastafarian man, Alan Campbell

Beresford 'Jungle' Jarrett

"Energetic, enterprising Ras "Jungle" (Beresford Jarrett) who does pottery, grows decorative plants, vegetables and ground provisions and raises ducks. "I want society to know I really try," he says. "You have to sow before you can reap." "

Bobo Hill in Bull Bay, St. Andrew

Three Rastafarian men sit in the office at Bobo Hill while a Rastafarian woman addresses visitors from the National Library of Jamaica. The small space is adorned with images and other items relating to the Rastafarian faith.

Cynthia Phipps and children

Rastafarian woman, Cynthia Phipps, and her three children.

Gathering of the twelve tribes

"Gathering of the twelve tribes: Brethren, sisters and visitors listen to a point made by Brother Naphtali (with microphone) of the Rastafari Twelve Tribes group at Garvey's Shrine Sunday evening. Others on the platform first row are (l to r) Bro.…

Gathering of the Twelve Tribes Rastafarian group

Brothers and sisters of the Rastafari Twelve Tribes group and visitors gather at Garvey's Shrine.

Jabulani Tafari & Louise Bennett

"Jabulani Tafari, who won the Ranny Williams Cultural Interest Award for his series on the Rastafarians in the Sunday Sun, received his prize from well known entertainer, Louise Bennett."