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Dwight Whylie speaking

Jamaican broadcaster, Dwight Emerson Whylie, speaking at an event.

Neville Willoughby

Renowned Jamaican radio broadcaster, Neville Willoughby, poses for a photograph while on the job.

Mr. Dwight Whylie

Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (JBC) radio broadcaster, Dwight Emerson Gregory Whylie, at the mic.

Dwight Whylie smiling

Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) radio broadcaster, Dwight Emerson Gregory Whylie.

Dwight Whylie of the JBC

"General Manager, Dwight Whylie, of the J.B.C speaking to Lions Club members at the Pegasus Hotel yesterday on the responsibility and freedoms of the media."

Dwight Whylie

Former Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (J.B.C.) general manager, Dwight Whylie.

Dwight Whylie speaking

"JBC General Manager Dwight Whylie speaking on volunteering at the first Advice Centre briefing session at the USIS office yesterday morning. The sessions are to brief recruits who plan to work in the Advice Centre."