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John S. Burrowes

Portrait of John Sidney Burrowes.

Professor Edward Baugh

Portrait of Jamaican poet and author, Professor Edward Baugh.

Stephen R. Glanville, father of Stephen T. Glanville

Portrait of Stephen R. Glanville, father of Stephen T. Glanville and proprietor of Green Vale Pen in Manchester, Jamaica.

A Rastafarian man displaying the Rastafarian colours - red, green and gold on his garments.

Laban Campbell

" 'All we want is justice' - from left Eli Smith, Barry Anderson, and Laban Campbell."

Admiral Sutherland (Shorty)

"Relative heights: from left, Daily News workers Kenneth Davis 6-feet 1-inch, and Norman Cuff 5-feet 3 1/2 inches' with Admiral "Shorty" Sutherland, 3-feet 10-inches, along Darling Street probing the long, short and shortest (that's Shorty) of the…

Milton Scott

"Dockers and Maritime Workers Union president Milton Scott leads his team to a meeting with Pime Minister Michael Manley at Jamaica House yesterday. Mr. Scott is accompanied by delegates Hyde, Feurtado, Singh, Hamilton and Creighton (from left):…

Earle Harriott, Livestock Development Officer

"Dollar a year man: Earl Harriott, Livestock Development Officer with Alpart Farms Jamaica Limited, is to join the Government's land lease programme in August. Mr. Harriott's services were offered to the Government by Alpart Farms Jamaica Limited and…