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Prime Minister Michael Manley stepping with supporters

"Stepping: Prime Minister, Michael Manley [centre] stepping with supporters as he arrived to hand in his nomination yesterday. Mr. Manley, the second of two candidates to be nominated for the East Central Kingston constituency in subdued tones wished…

Prime Minister Michael Manley and others

Former Prime Minister, Michael Manley, casting his ballot at the 1976 general elections as journalists take pictures. Looking on to the right is his mother, Edna Manley.

Prime Minister Michael Manley at PNP rally North Parade

"With characteristic emotion, Prime Minister Manley delivers his address to supporters at the PNP rally at North Parade last week. Michael 'Joshua' Manley's 'rod of correction' is in his right hand."

P.M. Michael Manley speaking at PNP conference

"P.M. Michael Manley at the PNP conference yesterday."
He is holding his 'Rod of Correction'.

Michael Manley

Prime Minister, Michael Manley, making an address.

Prime Minister Michael Manley lifted onto a platform at the May Pen town square

"Raised aloft: Prime Minister Manley is lifted into a platform at the May Pen Town Square on Tuesday shortly before the Clarendon Parish Council election campaign."

Michael Manley

Members of the police force shield Prime Minister Michael Manley as scores of supporters surround him.

Michael Manley holding the rod

"The rod is back - PNP Leader Michael Manley holds aloft the "Rod of Heavy Manner" at the highpoint during his address to the mammoth 120,000 PNP rally in Montego Bay on Sunday night. The dramatic re-appearance of the rod came back as Mr. Manley said…

Frank Borman

"Prime Minister Michael Manley and Eastern Airlines chief executive and former astronaut Frank Borman at the Third Caribbean Tourism Conference in Ocho Rios this week. Both Mr. Manley and Mr. Borman addressed the opening session of the…