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JOS commuters

"Commuters yesterday enjoying the last of the 'cheap' JOS fared. Come May 14 they will have to dig deeper into their pockets."

National Vehicle Corporation workers

"Jamaican expertise on the go - Putting it together: National Vehicle Corporation workers assembling another bus for JOS at NavCo's Hanover Street, Kingston plant."

JOS bus commuters

"Back at last: JOS buses returned to the roads yesterday after a five-day absence. Here young commuters make their way into one as they welcomed back 'Jolly Joseph'."

Bus hopping on Half Way Tree Road

"Illegal ride: bus hopping in the Corporate Area is again on the increase as these boys indicated along Half Way Tree Road yesterday. What the youngsters don't seem to realize is that they are flirting with death. Shortly after this picture was taken…

JOS inspector checking bus damage

"Late night encounter: A JOS inspector checks damage to his company's vehicle late Friday night after it collided with a parked truck along Constant Spring Road, opposite King's Plaza. The truck, loaded with garbage from the nearby plazas, had…

Boys joyriding on JOS bus

"These little boys are having fun on this free ride. This pleasurable planks brings smiles to their faces. But if Jolly should take a sharp turn, open his doors a little too early or get too close to a light post, the joyride could become a death…

Trench Town firemen and JOS bus

"A Trench Town fireman crouches low to do a better job on this JOS bus at Rousseau Road yesterday afternoon. The officer in charge of the single Trench Town fire unit which put out the blaze that started at about 3:30 p.m. Sergeant L. McGhie, watches…

Leyland JOS bus and motorcar

"No one was injured when this motorcar and this Leyland Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus collided yesterday morning, but a section of the Mona Road was blocked for some time."

Bus crash at corner of Chisholm and Maxfield Avenues

"This JOS bus crashed into a utility pole on Monday night before ending up on a wall at the corner of Chisholm and Maxfield Avenues. Reports are that the bus, driven by Clinton Donaldson, was going around the corner when it got out of control. The…