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Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) 4

This will soon be a scene of the past. The many cars, minibuses, motorcycles, handcarts and pedestrians that add to the daily congestion on North Street between the Kingston Public and Jubilee hospitals will no longer do so following a decision of…

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"Man awaits the opening of the dispensary. The KPH waiting room was closed as Government pharmacists stayed off the job a second day."

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"Hospital Tour: Minister of Health, Dr. Kenneth Baugh (second right), inspecting the near completed wing of the KPH accompanied by the Hospital Administrator, the Constructors and Consultants."

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"The road to health: As economic crisis deepens it is becoming more difficult for those who cannot afford it to go to private doctors. More and more people flock the KPH each day. Scene at the Outpatients Department yesterday."

Kingston Public Hospital - kitchen

"A cook prepares soup in one of the seven 30-gallon steamers in the kitchen. This section prepares normal diets for patients in the hospital. Some cooks were trained on the Hope ship when it visited Jamaica."

Crowd at KPH

A packed waiting room at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Beating the system at K.P.H.

"BEATING THE SYSTEM: Despite the presence of guards at the closed gate and onlooking policeman at the Police Post at the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals along North Street, this young man and other boys, girls, men and women like him,…

Mobile Reserve policemen at K.P.H.

"Mobile Reserve policemen as they freed the KPH (Kingston Public Hospital) Director Keith Gordon from the workers yesterday."

Gift to Mary Seacole Ward at K.P.H.

"Bata Company's public relations officer Neville Smart [left] shares a joke with Dr. John Hall [right] at the handing over of the gift of a polisher to the Mary Seacole Ward of the Kingston Public Hospital. At centre is Acting Sister Mrs. barnett…

Kingston Public Hospital

"Dr. and Nurse: Wayne McSam, 9, and Lorraine Parkinson, 5, of the Wyman Basic School in Pink Lane, Kingston gave a highly entertaining true-to-life performance yesterday for nurses at the Kingston Public Hospital, as their contribution to the current…