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Princess Margaret Hospital

"A break down in the boiler unite at the Princess Margaret Hospital has affected laundry equipment and hospital staff have now to do the washing manually. In the absence of drying machines the laundry is now subject to the drying process of the sun."

Three boilers delivered to Princess Margaret Hospital

"These three boilers were delivered to the Princess Margaret Hospital two weeks ago, but they have not been installed. The boilers which were brought from the Ministry of Health and Environmental Control are needed to help in various sections of the…

The Princess Margaret Hospital in Morant Bay

"The Princess Margaret Hospital in Morant Bay has a modern laundry with high powered washing machines. But it has been back to the bucket brigade for some time now as a water shortage has hit the hospital."

The Cornwall Regional Hospital

"The Cornwall Regional Hospital, a multi-disciplinary institution was toured by members of the Cabinet on Tuesday last week."

Cornwall Regional

Front section of the newly constructed Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, St. James.

St. Joseph's Hospital

"BRAND NEW: The front of the new Medical Centre on the grounds of the St. Joseph's Hospital, Deanery Road, which will house offices for 10 physicians as well as a pharmacy and a canteen. This is the first phase of a building programme begun in 1973.…

St. Joseph's

"A front view of the new extension of the St. Joseph's which has now been completed at a cost of $1 1/4 million. It will be officially opened on Wednesday."