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Central Village, St. Catherine

"Picking their way: Yesterday afternoon was one of the few occasions since last week on which Cleveland Butler and members of his household have left their home. The entrance to the yard in the Little Lane area of Central Village had been under many…

Flood victims

"Flood hero: Trevor Donan of Water Works, Westmoreland (3rd from left) stands with some of his neighbours whom he rescued during the June 12 flood rains. Trevor saved nine members of one household and three in another. From left are Beverly…


"House in water: Section of the three-apartment house at Kendal from which 72-year old Violet Morrison and her family were forced to flee because of flooding. According to Mrs. Morrison "we only glad it wasn't in the night." "

Maxfield Avenue, Kingston

d_0007907_maxfield avenue, kingston.jpg
"A section of the Corporate Area which was flooded by heavy rains yesterday. These motor vehicles try to move through the over 6 inches of water which fell in the Corporate Area, Maxfield Avenue."

Floods, Jamaica

"Closer...closer...a section of of the wall which was washed away by the flood. Arrow shows where foundation of a house is washed away, leaving the building perched precariously."

Flood victims

"Right: Eighty year old Helen Grant tells of her plight on Thursday night. Thick mud has covered the floor of her house in the background."

Flood victims

"In the midst of grief: Kingston Mayor Arthur Jones finds time for a joke in the midst of serious business when he visited 33 1/2 Waltham Park Road where flood waters did extensive damage."

Content in Manchester

"Moving out: A woman and her family move out of Content in Manchester after the area was ravaged by floods earlier this week."