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Flood victims

"A family in Providence Pen Lane looking at the damage done to furniture after the culvert in the Lane overflowed and three feet high water raged through the houses."

Flood victims

"Flooded out: Residents of this section of Majesty Pen caught moving articles of furniture from their homes yesterday."

Flood victim

Residents using buckets and other means to remove water from from their dwellings following flood rains.

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"A Banana Board representative and Crop Culture Jamaica's Duckenfield air-strip caretaker looking at the damage done by last week's flash-flood to the Banana Board's spray-plane loading point in East St. Thomas."

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"Can wi sponge dry? Duckenfield Sugar Company works yard residents trying to dry their bedding which was soaked by last week's flood waters when eight rivers and some 41 supporting gullies were in spate, sending up to eleven feet of water through…

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"Two Works Yard housewives trying to wash out the mud and excrement from their clothes."

Hagley Park Road

"Helping hand: A considerate adult helps school children across a swirling, gushing and potentially river, which in times when it does not rain, is the Hagley Park Road. Scene was during last week's heavy afternoon rains."

Darling Street & Marcus Garvey Drive

"Two vehicles slowly, and carefully negotiating their way through a pool at the Darling Street - Marcus Garvey Drive intersection in the Kingston Waterfront area yesterday."