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Return of B.W.I. R
A massive crowd turns out to welcome members of the British West Indies Regiment as they return from the World War

Return of last contingent
The last contingent of the British West Indies Regiment disembarks the ship that is docked at the pier, as they return from the War.

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) 3

"K.P.H. gate at North and Princess Streets yesterday shortly after police arrested gate porter, Frank Hylton."

A large crowd of children

Photograph of young children at an event.

A large group of children seated

Children and a few adults sit outdoors on metal chairs in the glaring sun. Some are using papers, rags and umbrellas as shields against the hot sun.

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"The road to health: As economic crisis deepens it is becoming more difficult for those who cannot afford it to go to private doctors. More and more people flock the KPH each day. Scene at the Outpatients Department yesterday."

J. Burns Bonadie

Grenadians and other West Indians at a forum at Chancellor Hall, listening to Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) Secretary J. Burns Bonadie speak on the Grenada situation.

W.A. Bustamante standing in a car in a motorcade

Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante greeting the throng of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters surrounding his motorcade.

Concert audience

"A section of the 40,000 throng."

Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff & Peter Tosh perform together

"Superstars doing in together: Bunny Wailer [with mic] teamed with front line superstars Peter Tosh [behind him] and Jimmy Cliff thrilled the crowd when all three got together to perform 'Get up, Stand up'. "