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Oral immunization against polio

"Oral immunization against polio is being given this child by School Nurse Mrs. Dian Campbell. He is among the hundreds who were immunized in Kingston and St. Andrew during the summer holidays."

Children during an activity

d_0009303_children during an activity.jpg
A group of children clapping their hands during a musical activity with their teachers. Some of the adults are playing tambourines.

Negro girl

Portrait of a Jamaican girl.

Children at pipe

Three children filling up their buckets at a standpipe.

Healthy young girl

A smiling Jamaican toddler girl sporting an afro.

Children watching Newton Jackson perform

"For his community - The children are delighted with the performance of one of their elders, Newton Jackson, whom they affectionately call "Mash-Up". He put on his act last Wednesday when he and other members of his community staged a concert for…

Three abandoned children

"An appeal to mom: three children in the above picture, Elizabeth, Diana, and Lloyd Davis Jnr. are appealing to their mother Daphne Davis who left home on Wednesday August 13, to return home as school will soon be re-opened and they have no one to…