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Harbour Street ca. 1960

d_0009937_harbour street_1960.jpg
A photograph showing a truck, cars, pedestrians and a number 2 bus [Harbour View East/City Centre route], travelling along Harbour Street. Business places such as 'Pauls', 'East Indian Bazaar', 'Barclays Bank' and 'Levy Brothers Electrical Ltd' are…

Downtown Kingston (Victoria Avenue)

A view of a section of Victoria Avenue with a Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus driving past the Machado building located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Lower South Camp Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

Book mobile from Jamaica Library Service

Persons standing by one of the entrances of the Jamaica Library Service's inaugural book mobile service.

Road in Victoria Park facing North Parade

Road leading from Victoria Park to North Parade. In view are parked buses and a water fountain in which some children are splashing.

A new J.O.S. bus station at terminus at Mineral Bath

A number 2A bus going to King Street, parked at the new Jamaica Omnibus Service (JOS) station in Mineral Bath. Traffic police are on the side of the road near a closed road.

Windward Road flooded

A number two Harbour View (East) to City Centre Jamaica Omnibus Service (JOS) bus traversing through flood waters on Windward Road in Kingston.

JOS media representatives

"Checking it out: Media representatives, Jamaica Omnibus Services workers and other members of the touring party trying out the new aluminium seats which have been installed in this JOS bus. Following a scarcity of fibreglass on the open market, JOS…

Jamaica Omnibus Services inspectors

"Passing the time: JOS inspectors in discussion outside the UTASP headquarters along Church Street yesterday as they and supervisors continued their sick-out for a second day."

JOS commuters

"Commuters yesterday enjoying the last of the 'cheap' JOS fared. Come May 14 they will have to dig deeper into their pockets."

National Vehicle Corporation workers

"Jamaican expertise on the go - Putting it together: National Vehicle Corporation workers assembling another bus for JOS at NavCo's Hanover Street, Kingston plant."