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Immigration hall at Norman Manley Airport

"The special area in the immigration Hall at the Norman Manley Airport which has been roped off with delayed luggage which has not been claimed between 9 am to 4pm each day."

Exchange booth at Norman Manley Airport

"Exchange booth: An American, is among the first of the visitors making use of the new foreign exchange booths which began operations at the Norman Manley International yesterday. Bureau de Change as is written here, is French for exchange booth.…

Norman Manley International Airport

View overlooking the tarmac of the Norman Manley International Airport, on a rainy day.

Departure lounge at Norman Manley Airport

"Passengers at the departure lounge of the Norman Manley airport yesterday where they waited to be booked on a charter."

Stranded passengers at Norman Manley Airport

'Some sit around, some stand around and some attend to the basic needs. This was the scene Norman Manley Airport yesterday as hundreds of stranded travelers contemplated their position and what to do about it. In the absence of those who serve, they…

Information booth at Norman Manley International Airport

"Information book: The Airports Authority of Jamaica has set up an information booth at the Norman Manley International Airport. It is sited in the public area on the northern side of the departure concourse and provides information boards which give…