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Maize is stacked up which gathered in a fine autumn harvest

"Maize is stacked up on a commune threshing ground in Pingku country on Peking outskirts, which gathered in a fine autumn harvest this year."

Li-Shu-wen attending to patrons

"Li-Shu-wen seen attending to patrons while doing a stint of labour at the store in Liaoning province, where she once worked."

Photo shows the commune terraced fields

"The Tientai commune in Chihshui county, Kweichow province, south-west China, goes all out for capital farmland construction. Photo shows the commune's terraced fields."

Tachai Poor Peasants Association talk to children on class struggle

"Under a spreading tree, on which many peasants, who could not pay rents, were hung up and beaten by landlords in the old days, Tachai Poor Peasants' Association chairman gives school children a talk on class struggle."

Commune members learn how to prevent insect pest in cotton field

"Commune members learn how to prevent insect pest in cotton field of Huajung County, Hunan Province."

Delivery of public grain to state granary in Chekiang province

"Delivery of public grain to state granary in Chekiang province's Punching county."

China's new achievement in Industry and Agriculture

"China's new achievements in industry and agriculture - answering to the call of Chairman Mao "In agriculture, learn from Tachai", Chinese peasants have gone all out and worked hard to remake nature. Here peasants in Shensi Province are building…

Expansion of the acreage of tropical crops and grain production

"China's new achievements in Industry and Agriculture: Hsuwen County in south China's Kwangtung Province has expanded the acreage of tropical crops while making a great effort to increase grain production. The county this year gathered 1,000 tons…

Barefoot doctors give medical treatment

"Barefoot doctors give medical treatment while taking part in farm work."