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Miss Marlene Amos

"Miss Marlene Amos, 18 year old clerk - Miss St. James."

M. Claude Cheysson shares with P.J. Patterson

"Farmers Union Dinner: Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister P.J. Patterson, at left, listens to a point made by EEC Commissioner for Negotiations with Developing Countries M. Claude Cheysson, while Madame Cheysson shares a joke with National…

Students in Math class

"This youngster at right seems quite at home, as he works out a mathematical problem."

Bombay Village Community Council

" 'UNITED WE STAND': These sixteen persons have been elected by their various organisations to sit on the Bombay Village Community Council, which was launched recently."

Kingston - King Street looking north

Commercial buildings along King Street. Several horse-drawn carriages are seen. To the right is the Bee Hive store at the corner of King and Harbour Streets.

St. George's Church, Kingston, Jamaica

Representation on a postcard of the St. George's Anglican Church in Kingston, Jamaica.

A view of Church Street

A drawing of a section of Church Street in Downtown, Kingston.

A view of the Kingston Theatre

A lithographic print of the Kingston Theatre, located then at the Parade in Down Town, Kingston.

The Bogue Islands, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Image of the Bogue Islands, located west of Montego Bay. This mangrove swamp area was transformed into the Montego Freeport in the 1960s.

Methodist Free Church, Kingston, Ja. after earthquake, Jan. 14, 1907

Postcard showing extensive damage to the Kingston Methodist Free Church building.