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Ms Lou in role of police officer

Miss Lou salutes while dressed in police officer costume. She is standing beside a woman.

Ms Lou collecting National Award

Governor General Clifford Campbell placing National Award around Louise Bennett-Coverley's neck.

Ms Lou & husband with young man smiling

Louise Bennett-Coverley dressed in bandana outfit. She is smiling with an unnamed young man while her husband, Eric Coverley, stands behind her.

Ms Lou & family after her honourary graduation

Louise Bennett-Coverley with friends and family at her home, after her honourary graduation. She is wearing a graduation gown.

Miss Louise Bennett, top Jamaican folklorists performs the rites for a traditional Jamaican wedding ceremony
Photograph of Miss Lou performing the rites for a Jamaican wedding ceremony. The ceremony is being captured by a videographer.

Miss Lou's Views on R.J.R.
Dressed in traditional folk dress, Louise Bennett is being driven in a 1935 Austin 7 convertible car during a live broadcast of the "Miss Lou's Views" series on RJR. Surrounding her is an excited throng.

Miss Lou, Eric and two others on her wedding day

Newlyweds Louise Bennett-Coverley and Eric Coverley standing between two elderly women at their wedding reception. The head table has a wedding cake and vases with flowers.

Miss Lou with man and woman on stage

Dressed in bandana costume, Louise Bennett-Coverley is on the set of a television show. The tv-show hosts, other actors and members of the television production team can be seen.