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Louise Bennett

Miss Lou wearing an 18th century style dress and feathered hat. She is holding a parasol.

Louise Bennett

Portrait of Louise "Miss Lou" Bennett-Coverley.

Louise Bennett

Louise Bennett-Coverley seated in her yard.

Louise Bennett

Louise "Miss Lou" Bennett captured mid speech. She is wearing a bandana dress and head wrap.

Louise Bennett

Miss Lou standing by plants and a stone wall.

Louise Bennett and male actor in Shakespeare Costume
Louise Bennett and male actor dressed in costumes, performing a Shakespeare play.

Louise Bennett and Ranny Williams entertain guests at Drumblair Dance

Louise Bennett and Ranny Williams entertain guests at Drumblair dance while trying to involve Norman Manley, left.

Louise Bennett by Clinton Hamilton

Miss Lou captured on stage with props and statuettes in the background.

Louise Bennett Coverley at Workshop
A full photograph of Louise Bennett Coverley, holding a pamphlet in her hand while making a presentation at a workshop.