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  • Collection: Hanover, Jamaica

Chester Castle Post Office, Hanover
The Chester Castle Post Office in the parish of Hanover.

Ramble Post Office - Hanover
The front view of the Ramble Post Office in Hanover.

Lucea Hospital
An imposing two-storey building, housing the hospital in Lucea Hanover. There are other out buildings on the grounds fenced with barbed wire.

Lucea Town Hall (was Lucea Courthouse)
A car parked in front of the Lucea Courthouse, turned Lucea Town Hall.

Knockalva Great House
Sepia photograph of the Knockalva Great House situated in Hanover, Jamaica.

Ruins of Kenilworth

Section of Kenilworth works ruins, with elliptical window and semi-circular entrance.

Sir Alexander Bustamante showing his party sign

Sir Alexander Bustamante, founder of the Jamaica Labour party and Jamaica's first Prime Minister after independence in 1962, showing his party sign.

Jamaica Brahman, Hanover, Jamaica

Photograph of cattle, Jamaica Brahman. Hanover makes a sizable contribution to livestock and dairy farming in Jamaica. Eastern Hanover is the principle livestock rearing area. The town of Shettlewood is one of the better known cattle rearing areas.…

Port of Lucea

Landscape print showing the port of Lucea in the parish of Hanover. Buildings are along the coastline and boats are in the sea.