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Workers Checking containers on the Kingston Conatiner Terminal

A forklift operator stacks containers to be inspected by the custom officers who are inspecting other containers.

Wolmer's Girl School
Photograph of the Wolmer's Girl School in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

West side of lower King Street, looking north.
Carriages and a tramcar with passengers aboard, travelling along King Street, Kingston, Jamaica. The street is lined with public buildings

West Parade showing market at Orange Street
People standing along the median on Orange Street in the vicinity of West Parade, Downtown Kingston. The Jubilee Market and other buildings are in the background. Woman holding baby stands at bus-stop.

Wesley Church School - Kingston before Earthquake Jan. 1907

Huge concrete buildings of a church and school next to each other and houses beside the school

Wesley Chapel and School House - Kingston
Image of Wesley Chapel and school house in Kingston.

Waterfront returns to normal
Ship docked at Kingston Waterfront. Police standing on deck while labourers brought in from the hinterland unload the 'Jamaica Planter'. Scene also includes bales lying around and buckets stacked.

Washington Boulevard

Busy intersection along Washington Boulevard, Kingston.

Ward Theatre

Exterior of the Ward Theatre at North Parade, Kingston

Views of Port Royal, Jamaica

View overlooking Port Royal, Jamaica, showing the town's brick and wooden buildings (some with chimneys), ships in the harbour as well as palms and other coastline plants.