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School children after summer

"Every child a star...

EVERY KID IS A STAR: Every school-aged child especially the tiny tots was a star as the schools opened Monday after the long summer holidays.

But the problem was whether they could all get space on the school stage, and…

A group of children with Mrs. Judith Wedderburn and Mr. A. Brown

"At the invitation of the Cuban Government, 11 school children recently left Jamaica for a ten day visit to Cuba on an observation tour of Summer Day Camps. The children were chosen from various Summer Day Camps operated by the Social Development…


Family Court Caution Committee children's treat

"Two members of the Family Court Caution Committee oversee their charges for the afternoon at Hope Gardens."

St. Andrew Settlement Christmas treat

"Some of the children who turned up for the treat at the St. Andrew Settlement can be seen here watching the performance. At the treat, refreshments were served and toys distributed."

Boy writing on chalkboard

"Who says there is a teacher shortage?"

School children performing

Young children performing at an event.

Little boy and baby

"Left, baby, sitting on the kerbside."

Posing for the camera

Three children pose for a camera buy the verandah of their home.

'Poverty Stricken'

A barefooted boystands by a pool of stagnant water. In the background are several adults, huddled together near what appears to be a bridge under construction.

Gold Street Police Youth Club Christmas treat

"Applause: These youths applauded words of Christmas greetings brought by one of the officers."